For all the times my constitutional rights have been challenged and in defense of huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. And, for the blessed sake of pure American power; I hereby upon this matutinal hour decree and demand unto and on behalf of my followers an immediate commencement of harvest and delivery scheduling of legal height flatbed loads worth of Douglas Fir 40”x40” timbers cut to the federal highway legal 55’ maximum length of a USDOT Class “A” non permitted trailer.

Thus, all of us are correct and benevolent proponents of this our evolving new theory of environmentally intensive green and organic forest products based civil engineering. We will now be triumphant here in Bloomfield regarding land use and ecological farming and intensive silviculture and arbor culture in town as we begin a new era of pure municipal power.

Incredible power developments will be capacitated by licensed civil engineer stamp code specification negotiations and developments already occurring with the Prosser town library project.

Construction methodology relative to the 55’ 40”x40” timber frame structural design joinery and TiG welded brass plate jumbo joist hangar methodology will be pursuant to the timber structure building project’s design phase as a timber building auxiliary force “power construction” component to the Prosser library civil construction activities currently being litigated in Bloomfield.

A component of the planning also needs to be a massive new all organic passive solar farm stand super grocery store and forest products depot timber frame mega timber structure next to the current Wade Family farm stand.

All new phase Bloomfield construction should maximize utile structural and design aspects of all available raw and engineered forest products available to our municipality from the entirety of the contiguous Americas.

1) we will need an extended chassis sleeper long haul tractor trailer truck with four berths, an eight cylinder Magnusen supercharged cat diesel Jake braked engine, and an Eaton fuller range selected eight or ten speed transmission, a shower, toilet, kitchenette and recliner. This, for obtaining lumber loads in the Americas.

2) we will need a Grove crane or crane rental/lease of a machine capable of living several tons of wood.

3) sheathing, flooring, indoor carpentry and roofing, etcetera, will require large crews after pre construction joinery component welding and timber cutting and assembly processes are complete and the structure is raised to its permanent integral state.

Additional specifications will be forthcoming.