I think I might be comfortable in a master’s Speedo again some day. Yes, you may notice a touch of gynecomastia from my sublimation medication. And I confess I am holding in my stomach some. Yet, I’ve been disabled for 25-28 years with a brain injury, sublimation has been like a 20 year saturation dive tour, and I don’t have a woman to train with.

I am distrurbed by, amongst other things, the propensity of bodybuilders to power lift rather than body build. And, often, men lift with incorrect form like hunched convex lower backs instead of a concave lower spine that is pushing the buttock back during Romanians. Or, at the worst, and again it seems alway to be men; there are those one sees having built their pectorals, biceps and triceps without being able to identify their deltoids or tapazoids… never mind differentiate between hamstrings and quadriceps. I am, in a way, amongst these fools, incapable of any further physiological definitions regarding the “hamstring” group; and guilty of having been a pure freestyle swimmer in college sufficiently to, I believe, catabolize my lower body whilst doing “the crawl”.

Trapezoid work and inclination bench press for high thoracic skeletal muscle building? Where to begin once I get a date to the gym?

I like Olympic power lifting lifts for bodybuilding purposes and have no significant interest in jerking my body weight. My philosophy, contrary to the prevailing paradigmatics of getting outrageously strong, is more to: 1) extend and contract all 10 muscle groups through an ultralight Olympic power lifting technique routine with medicine ball and surgical tubing stretching in the style of track and swimming pre-workout preparation. I’m looking for a partner to stretch and lift in this fashion at least several times per week. 2) I believe that the best cardio is usually hiking, with some form of weighted pack that hopefully has a padded hip belt. 3) I have a developing dietary and kinesthesiological theory that I would roughly term an “evolutionary Christian kinesthetic and dietetic behavioralism”.

Few comprehend the difference between power and “fitness”. I understand; from having read Schwarzenegger’s book as the term “fitness” echoed through halls and hilltops. Lifting for symmetry and proportion is more readily achieved in a 3sets at 5-15+(variable) repetitions rotation program targeting all (ten) major muscle groups in an anterior/posterior/superior/inferior focal set groupings premised 2-3d rotation on a 4d/wk-mo scheduled routine sequence. Lighter weights and higher repetitions are better than the 3 or 1 reps per 2-3 sets at an 80% max function based upon recorded failure points with a spot. I’m also thinking I’d use google sheets to team up with people and graph as much data as possible for embedding in a google doc I’d link into Yet, I need a fit wife with moderate strength to train with me. I don’t want to gain mass, I want to convert mass. Mild catabolism in lifting and hiking is optimal because I am sedentary enough to be primarily anabolic (definitely without gear) most, if not all, of the time. And finally, I’d like to reassert that a beautiful woman in a bathing suit could certainly entice me to rejoin the local gym, with it’s stretching and cardio opportunities, free weights, occasionally utile geriatric machines, pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Aforementioned Public Routine and Participatory Workout Trend Tracking Spreadsheet: LINK