Eden is the Vortice

I, I, am I a Disabled American? Ambulatory, chillin’, reading, and writing. Hours at church, hours the carpenter, oil painter, or pass… infrequent tasks as days of peace doth surpass, from the matutinal mass, till at time, midst the vespers, under heaven, I gasp.

Then; returning through nocturnes, lone under stars, where thinking I do, might her solemnity, grasp.

So, these days, we punctuate thus, as the I do, I do grasp: our dream midst sporadic crepuscular nap times, alas. I’m here, placed so often, in my yearning, yet aghast; supine yet so cognizant of mine aesculphian staff… caught here diurnal and static, yet crass, Galilean, Newtonian, my set’s foundings amassed; my vantage, my vision, a dreaming, a need, for meeting her fast… and then touching her slightly, with my gradual kisses, down to her angelically stellar, carnality now, the place for my purpose, my mission, perhaps, while distracted by and groping at her bountiful prow. Whilst my seed for our progeny, as though silage now blessed, flows fourth from me soulfully; as gametes electrical, chemical, in a convection squall like anemophilly dispersal torrents, or some such thing, meeting recombinantly, there, thence, and soulfully, I, into she, sending contracting flux and flow aspects of my awaiting’s then abated mass displacements furrowing to their meetings within her womb, where she in receiving my need, does as wife of mine satiate my decades of need to give unto a woman her need to be patriated.

So here I wish to inclinations: star of day, star of night, that through epochs entwined our love shall amass, with vantage and sight, towards the futures we’ll pass. For shall no dust nor reductionist breach ours surpass? Rule, thence the heavens, that the challenging serpent, by my crusade, shall die, be dead, perish and pass, neath our cloister, our cage, whereupon our onset is here; upon dawn of the ending, midst fervor, a phase, midst plunder and plague, at finale of days, when the kingdom shall cometh and cometh to pass, that all souls shall be raised, unto heaven, at last.

I think I understand Galileo; who to the inquisition offered his disproof of Eden via observations of the diurnal heavens. Yet, vespertine, matutinal, and nocturnal celestial fixes upon the stars that rule the day and night; through the years, occur from one’s navigational set central to a Euclidean perimeter. They yield the primary vantage of a Henge and it’s cardinal quadrants, and point to primary fixes at pertaining solstices and equinoxes. Then, the Armillary sphere is the next step.

Scholium sketch.

It’s not much more to inclinate to stars and the most perfect of celestial bodies in orbit, as it were, surrounding ones set at the center of the Eden Henge Armillary metaphor… and to envision getting there. Thence the Newtonian scholiums of ellipses and vortices… and we return to the gravitas of the apple 🍎. Everywhere is that garden; wherever we might stand.