Pariah Wisp

I have heard people mock the clinical mania flux of depression’s depths as mine eyes have seen there, there, alone, forsaken and without comprehension of realms far beyond or beneath my vantage end of tears; mine and I, I, ruling thus therein. Said, I, I, meekly, in the flux the now strengthened pariah wisp which looming warp to woof, foreboding: ginning roving wandering loathing drifting jetsam of my former self, now, I’ve dwelt in these shadows host ‘neath the paradigms of most, the happy babes now decades yonder to my clime. Like sparrows to a crow or hawk the pecker fledge of migrant seed dispersed upon the wind doth cry for Trotsky of my stare. I forgive them now concealed by the flat and vacant affect of my shattered ego glare, where, from my dominion deep my id doth dwell accepting, learned, yearning, and now truthful and sincere. That thus I, I, then unto her specific beauty beg; Bam! An access, kiss to chance excite, that she thence accepting of my altered and defeated fate in millions, coin, and blind entrust here built with settled pasts the shimmer my demise: a kiss, a grope, purport of perfect pussy fucked that be wed we declare. It is difficult to meet an idiot as me, with deep and damp abode said sought, in heat where eagles dare; where fractures not to my attempt at progeny and fare, are heretofore our sacrosanct ascension premise high.. For whilst this benthic mind of ours, her hot vent my abode, cheer solemn and declared; whilst you may not state my thoughts my stare, my phantom mask, bicameral and molten, obstructed and yet clear; comprehension of platitudes so vital; to deep now damn poetic rite of shivers here and there: I am and I sublime doth be, saturated by the earthen salts for mood and somnolence… I, I am the vital patient to thy care. Inferior officer to highest priests, of statures once been mine… now merely tethered by device to ego hubric glimmer stares: my happenstance chance a passer by; intent I here declare.