Simon A. Flynn

Hello to Shaw AFB SC USA this morning…

Reading and writing to each other seems the beauty of the Internet. Somehow like a love letter, it’s also like an amicable form of litigation. Somehow we seem to always face challenges.

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I have found service to the United States of America difficult, yet not impossible. I was struck by a mortal brain injury upon arrival at Clemson University in South Carolina in 1994. After 10 years and millions in taxpayer funded pharmacotherapy; I later finally graduated; north of the Mason Dixon line… from the 1863 University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2004. I find myself some type of metaphorical Battle of Hampton Roads veteran; though I am “Never Served”.

It is difficult to believe in our USA when in any particular (stipulated?) context beneath our federal cohesion. The blatant absurdities of politics set a seeming majority against divergent ideations from any other zone of our federation. The antithesis to the normalcy paradigm is always a relative wilderness. There, beyond the Mason Dixon line, Western Frontier, political border or radio syndication limitrophe of our ideations is a frightful archetype that confronts the popular social idiocy.

I fear that any prescriber of such as the Morrill Act 1862 might burst such semi permeable membranes of incessant red blue conflict. The induction of entropic flux at magnitudes beyond a tolerance set, effect variable aspects of the integral life force, and has perhaps or perhaps will soon lose control of our otherwise greatest nation in the world.

Whilst… both federation and confederation must be maintained. Herein, the latter is perhaps to be redefined as a premise of localism. That is to say that the delusional, petty angst of so many must now be dispelled as we currently face both energy apocalypse and entropic fragmentation of at least some essential nature of our earth; land, sea, and air.

The fabric of localism amidst the aforementioned entropy flux now confronting the postulated life force and the federal integrity must be cultivated for our heterogeneous Christendom of now beyond even the Abrahamic traditions.

The places and paradigms of the localisms, as defined in both houses, and their inputs to a common anthropocentric vitality premise amidst reality; are the basis of the vital sustaining derivations from all utile and variably living substrates, lands, seas, and airs; which via networks of both the biotic and civil constructs of God and humanity will sustain us if maintained as integral to the life force.

Through my own difficulties, north, south and north again, I have become hermetic and introverted and increasingly find that stealth and camouflage amidst the paradigmatics of simplified populist vantages are the only method by which freedom is achieved in an otherwise uneducated and insane crowd. Yet, we all now have variable yet syndicated and censored methods by which we can communicate as our nation. I maintain I hope all people find themselves in place, “doing as the Roman’s do” and, like the “Manchu Lingczhou”, are customarily speaking the “Lingua Franca”. Yet, vantages other than normalcy paradigms at times both supersede and prove foundational to our vast greatness. God Bless us all and God Bless the USA.