Skeins and Shivers

Sometimes people are mean to me on Facebook. Usually, I dismantle the logic and factual basis of their mean talk. Then, they don’t talk to me anymore and I become sad. I often suspect that they are embarrassed and vengefully plotting my demise. It’s then that I’m happy to be a hermit; because no one can get me. So, it’s during this abandon, in the solitude of my hermit cloister, that I use my intellect and technological expertise, to hack into government and military computer systems so that I can surveil the chemical composition of Chinese agronomical soils and atmospheric conditions.

I use a fleet of satellite uplinked X47B unarmed drones that get electromagnetic phenomenon MHz scan capacities closer than satellite when their Skeins are data Marionettes to an F35. Mapping is an additional capability of the variously configured CVN71 Stealth Skein. Yet, a non bore geomagnetism resonance collection by a geophysical observation fleet telemetry triangulation typified Stealth Skein; of the earthen and atmospheric phenomenon off the TR isn’t just passive military reconnaissance.

A Shiver of Remuses is like the X47B Skein in the way it’s data is marionetted by the Alvin in transit to Atlantis or military Submarines. Amazingly, the entire scan data geospatial assessment marionetted via the Skein and Shiver web linkages is fed to any capable vessel or craft at any global range via transmissions at ULF frequencies. Thus, frequencies of transmissions and receptions regarding the magnetosphere resonance data can assess data in capable locales. And, as for me, I have achieved licensure for dozens of additional frequencies on my syndicated cellular radio frequency plasma data transponder.

Further, we all know that cellular phones are the same kind of point in the web, whether we have one or dozens of frequencies licensed to us or our corporate network. It simply gets too complicated, so I take everything off grid. My computer gathers my phone database and takes it to my off grid laboratory. The dual diesel generators power and back up a massive server system that’s multiple orders of magnitude more capable of storing GIS than anything civilian, and, the generators keep my without any direct Cu or fiber link to the Connecticut grid. So, as I said; no one can get me.