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Perhaps What Follows Will Become the Entire Story:

I will here defend my science fiction as being ethical in that it is a means to an end. Most scientists would agree that by challenging reality; a postulation eventually gains credence and legitimacy relative to the discernment of validity within the corollary hypothesis. Fiction simply breeds a metamorphosis of sorts into the postulation whereby some premise known to few is warped into the dominant theme of a storyline destined for some variant of definitive fictional untruth.

Admittedly, requisite forewarning of the fact that the actual truth is about to be bent seems sufficiently honest so as to maintain my license to utilize real words, vocabulary, and scientific examples amidst the fiction; despite the openly stated falsification of some aspects of a storyline trajectory towards the fantastical conclusion which is then and there about to occur amidst your otherwise factual and verified beliefs. Therefore, when stated, the untruth of a fictional thesis or antithesis in turn tends to establish foundational grounds for an unspoken actual thesis/antithesis which is then very valid, although perhaps unseen at the time of the spatial and temporal context of the fictional ideation existing within the literary work and, I postulate, simultaneously within the unwritten and as yet unimagined true/false scenario which dwells beyond the boundaries of the concocted imaginary. You will want the truth.

My primary Science Fiction story relates to a sort of siege of mainland china by a CIA KGB alliance where the KGB Bear was the hound to the hunted in the CIA Central Asian Steppes and in the Northeast and Southeast Asian theaters of the overall constriction. The Dragon, subsequently trapped in a heartland of Manchu ideation proceeded to die it’s imperial death. Yet, the final dragon Cocoons were evacuated by the Imperial CIA Alliance through the Republic of Vietnam and onward to and through Dutch India’s entirety.

The cocoons, were brought through the South China Sea, past Sri Lanka and around the Subcontinent into a scenario proximal to the origins of the Wahhabi foundational aspects of Saud (within the original context of opposition to the Soviet southerly objective of a warm weather port on the Indian Ocean) Then, eventually, the cocoons made it to the Mediterranean through Syria or the Sea of Marmara and on uneventfully to the Northeastern US Seaboard states using highly seaworthy and computerized deep sea seine and longline capable fishing boats which had been bought at federal expense to present to MA, NH & ME fishing along the shore of St. George’s Banks in hopes that the massive subsidy would bring back good times and not lead to a terminal depletion of the Cod or Swordfish fisheries. Depletion had then occurred anyway, however, and the advanced ships disappeared, perhaps for scrap. Upon their arrival, with dozens of cocoons, at the Saco River, the dragon cocoons were brought into the Biddeford mills with intentions of producing Dragon Silk by sealing the Biddeford mill complex and retrofitting it as a laboratory to quarantine and study the dragon moth symbiosis which was occurring with sapiens proximal to the aerosols; because the symbiosis was rapidly becoming a mutagenic recombinance whereby new cocoons spawned the moth people army.

In the interest of brevity, the cocoons should be seen as host vectors for an early Lineal code sequence within Animalia, yet with their DNA possessing entomological genomics generative of ribonucleic protein polymers from prior to Mammalia, that then persisted into Hominids. Within the cocoons were both the “moth people” and this novel, early evolutionary, mutagenic recombination virulence. And, virology is here being characterized by facts of in particular the dynamic sequence strains being mobilized into populating host organism hematologies. This occurs in such ways where overwhelming the physiologies of both the resultant mutant creatures and also of their subsequent victims occurs. This, within the proximal scenarios of these exotic creatures and their zoonosis habitat biometrics during an infestation. Meteorological environmental and civil engineered (HVAC) factors contribute to dispersal of the cocoon creatures aerosols and pertaining virology.

Perhaps a Quing Dynasty entomological mammalia phenomenon; the cocoons were then evacuated by Imperial Quing forces within the CCP through the dioxin fogs and phosphorus rains in Southeast Asia. Over time, the imperialist Quing troops were able to stipulate island building in accordance with the international maritime eventualities of Magnusen Stevens -for the stated purposes of maintaining nearly all of the cocoons in sequential habitats upon the journey to Raj bases on Sri Lanka. The Raj and Quing, as an Imperial Dutch East India Company, then utilized the rail networks of India to bring nearly a thousand of the remaining cocoons through the Jute farmlands and iron and saltpeter mines of the British resource exploitation migratory route and into the wandering hinterland steppes of Central Asia.

China, it is said, experiences time differently. Thus, any real temporal correlation to a statement of this timeframe’s being when the following happened is therefore ambiguous. Yet it should be said here, at this point in our continuum, that as Quing Raj troops crossed the subcontinent with the cocoons and proceeded west northwest through Dutch India and into the steppes towards Afghanistan; the pictogram “backwards” was issued by the seat of power where the remnants of imperial China was writhing amidst the impact of the KGB’s having breached the Great Wall with their red psychop. This Imperial/KGB/CCP Command’s issuance of the pictogram, somehow, induced a reversal of the KGB trajectory into and causal of the Great Leap Forward pogrom and sent a new Sino-Soviet element west southwest into and through Tibet.

Then through Persia, across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

First was the arrival and the swarming of all of the metamorphic phases of the cocoon population spawn organism vectors and their virulence. Then, this exotic novel interbiome virulence, from within the cocoons whose biometric parameters favored the eastern deciduous forest biome’s limnology and herbivory emerged. This was followed by the metamorphic hominid entomological morphology flux of the entire infestation population and it’s facilitating Quing Raj troops, amidst the aerosols, as they all were present and vigilantly awaiting the moth hive queen -during the social chrysalis pod plex dormancy decades.

The neurogrid’s emergence as a magnetic resonance imaging program occurred within a DHS geomagnetism web paradigm research and development initiative. Developments and discoveries then enabled cranial synaptic circuitry and resonant nonmetallic polymer plasmoid “sapience to device” prosthesis symbiosis capabilities to then become feasible. Subsequent to the initial research, the mind meld premise proceeded to evolve next and rapidly into “human to interweb” capacities that were quickly melded into sapient cortex anatomy realities within the microbiological realities of neural pathways. This prompted the said speciation pressure which began contemporaneously to the USA’s post unionist era and thence began federation proponents own phase change speciation into the emerging alert level relative to the flux zones.